About us

MSPA Promotes

High Standards & Ethical Conduct

Mission Statement

Establish a respected public image of accounting and tax professionals.

The Montana Society of Public Accountants, MSPA, is the accountant’s and tax professional’s must have membership. Not only are our members CPA’s and EA’s, we are the licensed organization for both accountants and tax professionals.

Public Image

To establish a respected public image of accounting and tax professionals who are dedicated to public practice.

Continuing Ed

To encourage a professional level of competence, character and integrity by providing continuing professional education to increase the knowledge and efficiency of its members.

High Standards

To promote the highest standard of ethical conduct among its members.


To represent the accounting and tax professionals at the state and national levels and protect the right to practice.


To seek the enactment of laws and the corrections or modification of existing laws in the interest of the profession and the general public.

Bill Monitoring

To alert members to some of the significant developments in tax laws in the interest of the profession.


To publicize the achievements of individual members through appropriate national, state and local media.

Clearing House

To serve as a clearing house for the dissemination of timely information on all matters of interest to accountants in public practice.


To encourage the camaraderie among its members.


We offer professional, live continuing education that goes beyond the basics to assist your company’s growth and expansion. With live continuing education, you have the opportunity to network with your peers at a membership discount. Come join the organization that works for you!

MSPA members advocated for House Bill 588 on the “Fresh Start Initiative” 🤓

MSPA is also actively watching your back on the political horizon the accounting and tax professional field.

Board Members

Board Members of Montana Society of Public Accountants

MSPA Update

MSPA is not going to be hosting any continuing education for 2023 and will not be sending out membership renewals.

Contact our office for more information.